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About eBay Selling

* I started selling on eBay in 1998, in a suburb of New York City. Back then I didn't have a way to upload pictures. I had no computer, no digital camera, and I was working with basic WebTV (a rudimentary web browser). In spite of these handicaps, I was quite successful selling many things I no longer needed, as well as some items for friends.

* A few years later I bought a digital camera, a color printer, and upgraded to WebTV Plus. I learned HTML so I could add color, and multiple photos, to my listings. Somewhere along the line I purchased a desktop computer and a laptop.

* I retired in 2004 (from work, not from eBay), after over 40 years of experience in Graphic Arts, Advertising, &  Marketing, a background that provided me with many of the skills so important for selling  on eBay. Over the years I have upgraded my camera, computer, printer, etc. Of course I always sold the older items (including the WebTV units !) on eBay.

* I sell primarily on eBay, but I am authorized to sell on a dozen other sites as well. I am a registered eBay Trading Assistant, Top-Rated Seller, and Power Seller. I am also listed in's directory. I have shipped merchandise all over the United States as well as internationally.
* My wife and I currently reside in Delray Beach, Florida. 

   Bart Luff, Owner

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 Fees (per item):

* 40% of the first $200 of the final sale price

* 25% of the following $300
* 20% of the amount over $500

* Fees are per item, unless agreed otherwise

* References available on request.

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