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Imagine- A hassle-free way to sell your items on eBay-
Excess inventory, equipment (retired or even non-working), collectibles
and more...

* Are you too busy to sell your items on eBay?
* Don't know how to design an eBay listing?

* Don't know which articles to sell, or what prices to ask?

* Don't want to deal with taking pictures, writing copy, bidders' emails, collecting 
payments, or packing & shipping?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you should have US sell for YOU.

Drop-offs accepted by appointment only

Ready to talk to us?
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Our client list includes:
* Retailers with excess inventory.

* Residents who want to convert items to cash.

* Public organizations with surplus equipment.

We are a consignment seller, located in Delray Beach, Florida, near Boca Raton & Boynton Beach. You just supply the merchandise and
take care of everything (including free pickup), leaving you time to tend to the people and things that are important to you. Our service costs you nothing until your items sell. In the rare event that your item does not sell, it does not cost you a thing.

Our goal is to make everything easy for you, assuring you of more money, with less stress.

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eeBart for eBay

More money, less stress

*** NOW, Make Extra Cash! ***
Learn How To Sell
(or Buy) On eBay

While we would be very happy to sell for you,
if you would like to try it yourself
(or if you already have, but were not pleased with the results),
We Show You How To Do It Right!

    * We will give you personal, user-friendly advice, from a registered eBay Trading Assistant. No technical jargon. All on your equipment, at your own pace.

    * You will learn more about your computer and camera, doing product research, setting up eBay & PayPal accounts, and much more. We walk you through every step.

    * Find tips on what to sell on eBay, and how to sell it effectively. Also, how to buy on eBay without getting ripped off.

    * Our hourly rates are very reasonable- and you get a SPECIAL RATE if you contact us through our website.


* Click to see our current eBay auctions.
* Click for our (seller satisfaction & feedback scores) eBay auction ratings
* See more information on our About Us page on eBay.

 What We Offer:
* Free pickup & evaluation    of your items.

* Well-designed listings with as many photographs as needed to show your product at its best.

* COMPLETE services, from design to shipping, no extra fees.

* Over 15 years of eBay experience, over 2000 trades, domestic & international.

* Proven, excellent results- more profit for you, with less effort.

Contact Details:

* Company: eeBart        Consignment LLC

* Phone: 561.715.7561 or

* Address: Bart Luff, Owner
    eeBart Consignment LLC
    6398 Pointe Pleasant Circle
    Delray Beach, FL 33484

* Email:

rt for eBay

More money, less stress

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